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Oysters and Peptides Derived from Hydrolysates Modulate Oxidative Stress - Marvin Edeas

A start-up was established to promote the new peptide thanks to these patents. Most definitely, Oyster hydrolyzate has applications in the fields of cosmetology, medicine and dietetics. The discoveries Marvin Edeas ( has made have proved to possess a real-world use. Marvin Edeas successfully identified two Nrf-2 modulators isolated from peptides and proteins, which can activate the antioxidant system of defence.

Marvin Edeas chairs many committees of a scientific nature, including that of the Congress on Targeting Microbiota and Mitochondria. Marvin Edeas is co-editor of the Mitochondria Society's magazine and additionally chairs its yearly congress, as a founder and former Chair. His annual congress, Paris Redox, is logically led by the Chair of the International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH).

Marvin Edeas - Important Research on HIV

When the very first clinical study on the effects of antiretroviral therapy on hyperlactatemia and lactic acidosis occurred, Marvin Edeas took part. For his work on HIV, he was rewarded by Sidaction. The latency mechanisms of HIV in HIV positive patients, including the activation factors, is a field which he devoted six years to researching at the Antoine Béclère Hospital. Marvin Edeas looked into the effects of oxidative stress and co-infections in patients suffering with HIV at the Paris Descartes University.

Marvin Edeas takes a close look at subjects such as microbiota, mitochondria and chronic diseases in several publications. His 2005 book, "The Health Secrets of Tea", was written for a broad audience. In 2015, Marvin Edeas published two works of reference in the field of mitochondrial medicine.

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