Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

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Image Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

His Passion for Music and Culture

Charles Rosier (site internet : Charles Rosier) has a love for culture and music. His support of singers and movies exemplifies this. He has always had a passion for music and singing. Movies are also one of his passions. That is the reason why he supports French culture. In 2006, Charles Rosier supported a film created by a popular Italian screenwriter and director, which won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival. His love for music and culture paved the way to helping a French female artist.

Economical LED lanterns is a project of MPOWERD. These are being delivered to poor countries to provide them with cost-effective energy solutions. Charles Rosier is a partner at a French firm (Innoveox) that envisions an environment that is free from pollution. Charles Rosier has done a lot for the environment and helped with the growth of energy and power markets in poor countries. Innoveox spreads awareness about the effective purpose of resources and has established many pollution-free-environment programmes in order to decrease carbon footprints and carbon emissions.

How Charles Rosier Was Educated

Charles Rosier began his job at Lehman Brothers in 1996 prior to joining the UBS Warburg Investment Bank. He became recognised as being an investment banker who had had lots of experience, particularly in big organisations with whom he had held many positions. It was at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie where he completed his secondary education. Gaining his scientific Baccalaureate degree (equal to A-levels in the UK), Charles Rosier was able to attend to further education.

He is well-known as being one of the most seasoned bankers in over 15 years. There are roughly 2,500 personnel hired at BTG Pactual, which has 30 years of experience. Charles Rosier satisfactorily handled UBS Warburg’s French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec.

Health-Related Projects

Charles Rosier was the major investor of the project, for which a drug was being carefully tested to treat stroke that causes damage to the spinal cord. With his willingness to contribute a lot to the medical industry, Charles Rosier invested in the Mapreg Drug Project. When Baulieu and his co-workers were facing financial difficulties on developing a new drug, he willingly financed them.

It was in 1991 that Charles Rosier accomplished his scientific degree at Fenelon Sainte-Marie. He worked at BTG Pactual Bank and built a partnership until the year 2010. It was in 1996, at Lehman Brothers, when Charles Rosier began his career before becoming the head of finance at Goldman Sachs Bank, soon after joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. He followed his chosen profession (of being an investment banker) and switched jobs many times.